Why Us

We understand beauty consumers are oftentimes nervous about making beauty purchases on Amazon. The modern beauty customer is tech-savvy and educated, and so are we! As beauty enthusiasts, our goal is to provide online customers a shopping and educational experience as elevated as the luxury salon and retail experience.

Research shows that the majority of in-store purchases are repeated online. Our mission at Sayn Beauty is to ensure the online shopping experience adheres to the same brand standards as the in-store experience.

A glimpse into our process:

Brand Analysis

We intimately learn your brand and get to know your target demographic, unique brand story, and marketing message.

Brand Reputation Analysis

We dissect your brand’s reputation on Amazon by figuring out current issues your customers face when purchasing your brand. We scrutinize customer feedback and reviews to get a sense of any issues you may be facing, such as product leaking in transit, product freshness, package changes (product not as pictured), and customer service problems, among many other potential issues.

Competitor Analysis

We dive deeply into your brand on Amazon. This includes determining your top three competitors, what they are doing to gain market share, their marketing strategy, and the current keyword placement category.


Our listing, marketing, and sales experts will compile an analysis of what we can improve and how.


We meet with your team to discuss our findings and share our strategy to ensure we are properly aligned with the brand's mission, story, and goals. This includes specifics such as demographics, ideal audience, the preferred method of advertising, and how you prefer to sell your products (shampoo and conditioner, conditioner only).

Inventory Forecast

We are experts at forecasting product demand and we will ensure there is enough supply so your customer can always find your products. We study your ordering and shipping preferences to ensure we are on a consistent ordering timeline and well-stocked on all SKU’s. We work with a 12-month forecast to ensure we’re always ahead of the game.


Our team of 26 salon sales ambassadors intimately know your products and spend their days visiting salons and spas cross-promoting products, providing customer service, and educating our robust salon network. When not in the field, they work closely with our e-commerce listing optimization team to ensure your customers’ online shopping experience is held to the same standard as their product encounter at salons.


We’ve been in the cosmetics distribution industry for 17 years, and we have procured a large trucking network. We own a state-of-the-art warehouse and shipping facility with 6 loading docks and dozens of professionally trained personnel.

Account Representative

You will have a Sayn Beauty account representative assigned to your account to service all your needs.

Amazon Storefront

We build out the brand Storefront with your marketing material and education information to create a solid and recognizable brand image.


We ensure that all listings are optimized with SEO keywords, enhanced brand content, professional product photography, and lifestyle images for maximum selling potential.

Brand protection

Our expert legal team removes any unauthorized sellers, counterfeits, and enforces MAP.


Our expert marketing team designs and implements aggressive marketing programs, including in-person and digital master classes, live product training and in-salon events, influencer-driven campaigns, email blasts, banner ads, AMS, and social media advertising: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok.


Our data team compiles monthly and quarterly marketing and sales reports illustrating what we’re tracking, targeting, and forecasting.


We host quarterly conference meetings with your executives to ensure our efforts and relationship are meeting your expectations.

We look forward to growing with you!